Friday, March 24, 2017

You dirty rat!

Oh, I forgot this one, We had a Rat on board!

When we were tied up to Russ's dock in Punta Gorda unbeknownst to us we acquired an unwanted passenger, a rat! Russ spotted it in the evening after we left Punta Gorda and were anchored at Tom's bridge. He saw it run by in the twilight and we searched the boat but couldn't find the rat. The next morning we opened up the main sail to find a large hole chewed into it..
Not something you want to see when hoisting the sail
the "chew" before I prepared the hole for patching
Down it came and after wrestling it down stairs I sewed a patch over the hole. Getting a 350 sq ft sail down into our cabin and then sewing the patch on was a real challenge but it turned out well and we used the sail later that day to head up to Crystal River.
Squeezing the sail into the cabin


New patch on an old sail

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