Thursday, November 17, 2016

A little work on the side

Instead of boat work this fall I’ve come into a bit of contracting. The house I’m working on (down here in NC) has a type of plywood siding called T1-11 which means that for every 11 inches of siding there is a 1 inch decorative grove cut into the plywood. This gives a nice vertical look to the house. The issue is at the bottom of the existing plywood, it was never painted and rot has developed.
The original siding

So, out comes the nails,,, hundreds of nails,,, (seems like MILLIONS of nails), each one put in with a nail gun and every single one a real bear to remove. The guy must have put over 30 nails per board!
Most of the nails had to be removed with a "crow's foot" and lots of pounding


The old comes off and...


The wall is stripped back to the blue board.

With Anna’s help, we installed new, primed siding and the wall looks great again. Now, it’s time to paint!
New T1-11 on, the windows trimmed out and everything primed ready for new paint.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Back at the old “grind” again

We made it to Deaton’s and the Snow Goose after our short detour to NY City. The old gal needed a bit of exterior work this year so out came the grinder and the epoxy and into the Tyvec suit went Rich.

We has some rust that had to be ground off and re epoxyed this year.
After grinding the rusty spots a generous layer of fiberglass, epoxy and filler was applied. Then lots of sanding and refairing and more sanding before we could paint the boat. Soon, she will be repaired and ready for the water. In the spring I hope to give her a total paint job.

The rudder also had to come off for the outer coating of fiberglass had split.

The new fiberglass has been applied and a fairing coat applied now, all it needs is a good sanding and paint.
We will be down here at Deaton’s for the next month or so, if you’re in the area stop on by!