Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter in Oriental

Well, it’s not the Fl Keys but it’s better than Michigan… at least weather wise. While they had zero temps back in Grand Rapids, Mi we still enjoyed the balmy 40’s for day time highs which makes it well, maybe not pleasant but tolerable to take Edie for her once around the block walk so that she can leave “pee mail” for the other dogs in the area to “read”.
Flowers around the block
 As for work, I’ve had many interesting projects that they have put me on one in particular was to convert a closet on a boat into a shower room with fiberglass walls, tiled floor and teak trim. An interesting project that is almost done.
This was a closet with 4 shelves now a tiled shower

My kids also traveled from Michigan to the Oriental area for Christmas! It made for the best Christmas that we have had in 6 years. One that was filled with laughter, talk, sightseeing, and lots of catching up. Being away from home is the one hardest thing about cruising. You loose touch with your family and grand kids. My daughter, husband and grand daughter stayed on board with us and it was a bit tight for 3 days on the old Snow Goose but it sure did make Christmas special this year.
WOW! So happy over a sweater,,,glad I didn't give her the pony!
The "boys" at the beach... thanks for coming down guys!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


It’s a little thing but it’s been a constant bother for the last 6 years. The porthole screens on the Snow Goose were built (almost 60 years ago) out of steel and then chrome plated. It required 2 rings for each screen and had copper screening placed in between them and then screwed into the hull. Since the 11 ports on the side of the hull were welded into the hull when the boat was built I guess that screwing the screens into place seemed like the right thing to do only, down here in the salt water EVERYTHING rusts. So I’ve been looking for a way to replace the metal rings and go to plastic.
Deaton recently did a job on another boat and had left over scraps of plastic sheeting which were just the ticket for my screen problem. I built a simple jig and routered out the inside of the rings and then cut the outside of the rings on the band saw. Then it was a simple job to use sealant to “glue” the screen in between the two rings.

I've had to paint these old metal rings to prevent the rust.

old metal ring on bottom and new plasic on top

finished plastic ring, now only 21 more to go

screen installed and ready to go back on the Snow Goose
Because of the tighter fit, I will not need screws to install the rings and I can finally get rid of the rust stains that weep from our ports! What a great New Years gift.

Wash day

It was a warm day and poor old Edie (our 14 year old Carrin terrier) got a bath, don't you think she's saying..."why me?"

Along this same theme, Anna also had her own "wash day" a few days ago. She likes her chocolate and had bought a few little chocolates while out shopping and put two of them into her coat pocket... on a warm day... which also had some money in it! As you can guess, she is now in the business of "laundering" money.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Dear All,


We had an interesting new year last night. We went “down town” here in Oriental to watch the Dragon go by. The whole downtown was packed with people, I mean absolutely packed there must have been all 700 inhabitants of the town down by the water front last night. All of them waiting for the dragon to appear. Most of them had brought noise makers of some kind right down to old pots and pans that they were banging on to welcome in the new-year. Then the dragon appeared. It snaked through the crowd and everybody surged forward to touch it. (it’s good luck to touch a dragon don’t you know?)
Well, it was a great way to ring in the new year. We didn’t stay for the “croaker” drop (that’s when they lower a lighted “croaker fish” from the mast head of a sail boat instead of a lighted ball) but I did get a picture of the “croaker” waiting to fall!
It was lots of fun but terribly cold!


Hope that your New Year went well.