Saturday, November 28, 2015


We were motoring along the intercostal when I knocked the binoculars onto the floor. Of course, they broke. Well, don’t let the thought of “precision optics” ever trouble you. Just unscrew the suckers and find out what is wrong! One of the prisms had moved out of it’s place. I gave it a push and ‘click’ it dropped back into place. While apart, I had also cleaned the inside of the lenses (how they got dirty I’ll never know). All while motoring along… it was a boring day.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Back on the Goose

We got back to the Snow Goose and found NO cockroaches, mold, or other critters crawling around the boat…YEA!!!

What we did find was a bumper crop of barnacles. We tried to motor over to the gas docks at buzzards Bay Marina and the boat would hardly move. I put on 3 wetsuits (the water is really cold) and jumped in. The prop looked 80% covered with barnacles and the hull was about the same. Some of them were the size of quarters!
The next morning we were off before dawn heading south on the Chesapeake to Norfolk and the intercostal waterway. We should be in Deaton’s marina by Tuesday.
The Chesapeake in the early morning... That's a fishing boat
We met this container ship as we approached Norfolk. We were under sail but gave way to this big boy

That's the harbor police escorting the cruise ship out of the Norfolk harbor...
we had to almost get out of the channel to let it go by. 

This is an interesting old guy. At 68 yrs. old he sailed across the Atlantic!
 Now at 78 he and his dog are still going strong.
 While sailing 2 days later on another high wind day (25 gusting to 35) on the Pamlico Sound We came upon the Brant Island shoal. It's a tricky "S" turn that you have to make to avoid the shoal. This 65 ft. power yacht didn't make the turn and ran full speed up onto the shoal. While watching this happen Anna shouted at me "hey! it's getting shallow!!!" We almost joined them on the shoal. A mad scramble and a 180 deg. turn saved us but not them. They had to sit there for 2 days while 3 tow boats tried to get them off. The boat was declared a salvage and the final bill might be as high as $100,000+ between the salvage cost and the repairs. All because they didn't read the chart correctly.
(Click on the pictures to make them larger.)

Sitting in 3 foot waves as the boat is pounding on top of the shoal.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Back home


Well, I’ve gotten some harassment from people for not keeping up the blog. I’ve in turn given it to Anna for not updating the website. What can I say but it’s been a busy summer. Now, though it’s fall and I should get on with it.

This summer’s trip to Maine turned out to be a 3 week trip to NY City, which was good, but not Maine.

After returning to Michigan I took up a heavy load of contracting and rebuilding of our house. Both went well except for the fact it proved that I’m not 35 any more and at times I felt more like 75!
The lake house had the roof collapsed from the snow load 2 years ago and after a year long fight with the Ins. Co. we won and they wrote us a big check and I got to work.
One of the major things that we did was to remove the entire roof structure from the front of our house. This is the new inside of our living room. Now trussed roof with a vaulted celling too!

I'd like to give a shout out to all of the grown ups and grand kids that helped with the roof job. You all did a fantastic job! Thanks!

Taking the old roof off
New trusses. This was open sky yesterday!

Not only a new roof but all 5 of the roofs were striped and re-roofed
We also had a visit from the grand daughter of the builder of the house and she brought along a picture of our house taken in the mid 60's before the pole barn was added. The trees sure are a lot smaller! (If you 'click' on the pictures they expand larger)

The only truly 'fun' thing that I did this summer was to go for an airplane ride with my friend Ralph up to Beaver Island for the day. A great trip, Thanks Ralph!
Then Just as we were ready to leave a family crises arose and we had to stay for another 2 weeks to watch grand kids… Storms, hurricanes and boat breakdowns are nothing compared to a rambunctious 2 year old!

Carter with his mom's shoes (were working on left and right!)

Heading home


Heading home

Well, the trip to Maine has been cut short. The transmission is starting to slip so we decieded to call Maine off this year and turn back south and to Reedville.
New York City was a blast and we ran the legs off the grand kids. Maybe Maine next year.
Here's a few Pictures from the trip

NY city as we sailed in

My loyal crew

The girls on the bow as we sailed by the statue of Liberty
Over looking central park

Silly hats! (she bought it!)

Meg and I at Times square just before dark

Laundry day!

In the crown of the statue of liberty... this is the temp.