Monday, April 4, 2016

A tale of two coconuts

Anna decided that she wanted fresh coconut while in the keys. So, on a bike ride (the week before we left) she came across a couple of nuts lying on the ground under a tree. The Snow Goose now has two nuts living & sailing on her and two more nuts residing on the back deck!
Since these were older nuts the husks were very tough. On the way up north she decided to break them open and retrieve her coconuts! I only took a saw and a big screwdriver to finally get the nuts out of the husks.
After lots of mess and lots of laughter (and ½ hour of work) she had her first nut.

Now, repeat for #2 and then get the juice and meat out of em!
Isn't he cute!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Heading home

Our trip back to NC this year was the opposite of our trip south in the fall. Then, we were chased south by strong north winds that made our ocean passages “interesting” to say the least. This spring it was the lack of wind that dominated the trip north. We motored north more this year than any other year, it was more like traveling the ICW than open ocean sailing. At least the ocean wasn’t a “washing machine” like it was coming south. We also traveled some parts of the ICW whenever a strong front pushed thru the area. Overall, it was an easy trip north with no equipment breakdowns (a first!). Here’s a few pictures of the trip north from Fl to SC.

The 100+ year old overseas railroad bridge as seen thru the binoculars.

Sunset over the Fl keys as we motored north.
 Now, this 3 picture sequence is interesting. As we motored into the fort Pierce channel we had a good size swell that was following us into the channel. This fishing boat was anchored in the channel and it was almost swamped by 3 large waves that crested right where they were. (double click on any of the pictures to blow them up)

They see the wave coming...
It really was this big!

Their boat made it over the first crest but the second one almost rolled them, we couldn't get the second wave they were hidden behind it!

From here, we ran the ICW for a day

Nice artwork on the bridges.

As we left one morning the full moon was setting.
It was HUGH as it set into the trees.
Then the sun rose on the other side!

A quiet anchorage on the ICW
 Back on the ocean headed to Charleston we finally saw some shipping.


The last sunset before Charleston, a good passage north so far.