Friday, October 28, 2016

New York, New York

Cars, people and more cars. That’s what NY seems like. Parking here is like an over crowded boat where you can’t go to bed until another person get’s up. At first we had to park 3 LONG blocks away but a day later I found a place only 1 block away… this is no city to own a car in.
This is NOT normal (except once a week for street sweeping day)
Lot’s of things to see and do you just have to use the subway to get around. We went to “ground zero” and walked thru the “Oculus”. It’s the newest train station built after 911 and it’s the most sterile, bleak looking train station that they have here.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing building but it feels cold and impersonal to me.
Outside of the Oculus

One of the two fountain/pools built on the site of the old towers.
When compared to our next stop, the old Customs House, well, there’s just no comparison. The stone work and the grandeur of the Old Customs House will knock your socks off.
Inside stairway at the old Customs House.
A typical street in downtown NY
We stopped for lunch at a little Indian restaurant... Yumm

The obligatory trip to the museum of art was eye opening and after 4 hours and about 10% of the museum, we called it a day.

Inca gold

What the Spanish did to the inca gold. This crown went on a statue!

5 inch tall statue, it's 3,500 years old!


Walks around Brooklyn yielded so many great buildings to see and statues and arches that it’s just a visual feast every time you walk out the door.
The old small pox hospital on Roosevelt Island.
This arch commemorates the Civil War.
New York, a fantastic place to visit,,, I just wish I could afford to live there.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On the road again

It’s been a busy, long and great (weather wise) summer for us at the lake house. A bit too much contracting for my taste but there were several interesting projects that I did and over all an easy summer compared to the others. My granddaughter and I went on a big road trip out to Colorado and spent a week in the high country.
Megan and I climbed to the top of this mountain... Well, we drove to here and climbed the other 200 feet to the top!

 Anna and I flew down to Austin Tx and road tripped back to Michigan so the summer wasn’t all work and no play like the last few have been.
Anna relaxing in a garden in Austin, Tx

The leaves in the north are just iridescent this year.

Now, the trees are turning and it’s time to pack everything away for the winter and head south via New York City! We are stopping for a few days here in Brooklyn to see my sister before heading south to the boat. Should be there soon to wake the Snow Goose back up and plop her back into the water.


 If there's a castle, it must be New York!