Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ready to leave

Ready to leave

Fall is here. The leaves are turning and it's getting cold up here. After the first frost has arrived we've had a glorious Indian summer but now with the cold rainy day of fall arriving I’m ready to head back down to the Snow Goose. Anna though, is staying up here for another 2 months to finish her schooling. She is going thru the 'master gardener course' put on by the Michigan State University. This presents a problem since the house has no heating system and it's getting down into the 30’s on a regular basis. We have been using the fire place insert for heat but it doesn’t do a great job. Well, for the last month I’ve been researching pellets stoves and finally found a good used one on Craig’s list. We installed it yesterday and (so far) it has kept the house nice and warm all night! We now have a lake house that is truly 3 season capable. (may it never be 4 season capable). 

Other than that, it’s been a busy month wrapping up all of the contracting jobs, Going for a last sail on Ginger with my grand daughter, then putting Ginger away for the winter and finishing up projects around the house. 


Most of all we had to find “squishy turtle repellent” (as a gag gift) for our 12 yr old grand daughter's birthday. She and her mom have had a standing gag about her mothers plush toy called “squish turtle” and how mean it is. So, we relabeled some body spray into “squishy turtle repellent”  and gave it to Megan  to save her from her mother’s rampaging, viscous squishy turtle!

I should be back on the Snow Goose in a few days. I’m looking forward to having a floating home under my feet again but not to all of the work that has to be done to her. Tell you all about it another time till then, stay warm!