Friday, July 10, 2015

On the way to Maine


We arrived at Snow Goose in the evening in HOT weather, 93 degs. Not too bad only the boat had been shut up for weeks and it was about 110 degs inside of her. Even with everything open it was a long, hot night.
Out for repairs again.


Do you notice something wrong with this dinghy? 4 years ago we bought a cheep dinghy at the Annapolis boat show and we got everything that we paid for. It’s now falling apart and we will have to be shopping for another one come the fall… that is, if I can keep this old one working for another 6 weeks! Lesson learned, spend the money and buy the good stuff. It’s a shame too, for I like all of the features of this boat and it's shape too. It's just a shame the quality of the construction is for sh*t.
Bottom line... don't buy Big Dog Boats or anything cheep from China!

I've had to put 5200 around the aft seam to stop the leaks.


Same here on the air floor. Lots of 5200 to seal up the leaks.