Friday, May 20, 2016

Work at Deaton's

OK, I admit that I’ve been a bit lapsed in posting to this blog in the last few months. Between sailing up the east coast and arriving at Deaton’s we have been kind of busy. Then, Anna took the car and headed back to Michigan while I started work at Deaton’s for the next 5 weeks so again, no time to post. After that, Anna arrived back and it was time to take the Goose out of the water and head back north to the house (that hasn’t been lived in for 6 months) and my “fleet” of cars that need work. Needless to say it’s been a bit busy for several months.

At Deaton Yacht Service, I had many interesting jobs for me this year:

One very clogged heat exchanger
 And here's an interesting project: A teak storm cover for a sliding hatch.

First, buy the wood and build the frame

Then, build the top and fit it to the boat

Finally, varnish it up and it's ready to install

Our trusty Pink KIA with a 12 foot ladder and a 10 foot boat on top ready for the 1000+ mile trip back to Michigan... (Anyone want to buy a 10 foot walker bay with a full sailing rig?)

And when we got home??? Snow in May!

Well, another year has gone by, It wasn't the winter that I hoped for so, hopefully, next year it will be better.

Hope that your summer is a good one. See ya all next year!