Sunday, October 30, 2011


For Halloween I’m going as “dustman”. He strikes fear in the heart of homeowners…BOO!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Deaton work – 5

The boaters lounge needed an upgrade. Karen Deaton wanted to put in a washer and dryer and add another entrance to the second bathroom in the building (the employee bathroom) giving the boaters another bathroom to use when somebody is showering in the main bathroom. Well, I had to tear out the old paneling walls.
Move a wall and relocate the closet door making it into the new bathroom door.
Remove all of the old insulation and reinsulate the room both for thermal loss/gain and for sound deadening.
Hang sheetrock (yuck) and of course, mud & sand, mud & sand, and mud & sand the seams some more. Presently I feel like a white ghost covered with sanding dust.
The new walls going up.
(One tired puppy)
. Oh, and of course, install a 220V line and work on the electric while the walls were off.

Then crawl under the building and run the line to the panel.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Deaton work – 4

The roof is done and the overhang is finished! Now, on to the next project, the Snow Goose… unless they have any more things that need work.

2 hours later

Oops, I spoke too soon, they want me to re-model guest lounge area. IE: tear out the paneling walls, move some walls and a door, insulate and sheetrock the room. Make an area for a washer and dryer to go. So… here I go again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deaton work – 3

OUCH! My aching back. It took 3 days of 11 hour each day to finish the roof. I started out thinking that I was still 35 years old and ended feeling like I was 85 years old. The peel off of the roof just about killed me. Hour after hour of bending over and shoveling shingles off from the roof. YUCK! With Anna’s help as my “shingle monkey” we did the rear roof and then the front roof. Now, everyone please remind me that I never want to do another roof again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Deaton work 2

Another day another addition is built. I set the rafters and then started in on the roof decking. It took two days to finish the addition to the building but it turned out strong and square.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Building an addition

Deaton’s has asked me to put on a roof addition to the back of their building. The project is just large enough to be chalenging but it’s not to daunting. The truth is that it's just a lot of grunt work not like the technician stuff that I was doing. Today, I started setting the 12 foot long 6X6 treated posts into the ground. Each one weighs about 100 lbs. After the forth one I start to realize that I’m not 35 anymore! Tomorrow, the roof rafters go in and then the roof deck. Then, I have to re-roof the whole building. Ah, the relaxing life on a boat, blue skies, bikinis, sunsets and rum drinks every night. Nothing ever breaks and there’s always money in the bank! Oh, and I’m also selling a bridge if anyone is interested.
Settings the posts
All four vertical and in a row.
The cross beams bolted into place and ready for the rafters.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Edie’s teeth

I was working on the floor the other day, Edie came up to me wanting to be petted. The smell of her breath made me pusher her away a bit before I could pet her. Anna suggested that maybe it’s time to clean her teeth again. About twice a year I set her upside down on my lap and give her a good teeth scraping. You know that you really love your dog when you feed em, groom em, give them medicines and perform dental hygiene too! As long as I’m careful, she doesn’t mind too much and her mouth smells so much better when I’m done that it’s worth all of the hassle. I just wish that she had an opposable thumb so that she could hold her own tooth brush.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More work

The marina has quit a bit of work remaining from the destruction that hurricane Irene did to them. So far I’ve been a plumber, machine repairman, electrician, fabricator, carpenter, and soon maybe a roofer too. Just what our beleaguered bank account needs.