Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trip north

The ride north this year was very fast and we had little in the way of bad weather. We traveled over 400 miles in the first 3 days with out running into any bad weather.

sunset out in the ocean
Then it was into Ga. for a weather event and 2 1/2 days travel up to SC. Then back out onto the ocean for another 2 day before coming back into the ICW for our last 2 days to Oriental and our marina here at Deaton’s. Our last night out, we treated our self’s and stayed in the Cape lookout “bight”. It’s a perfect little bay surrounded by sand dunes at the southern tip of the outer banks. Anna went shelling and brought back a whole sack of shells…Anyone need some shells??? Please!

This is the view looking back from the beach towards the Snow Goose with the Cape Lookout Lighthouse
We finally made it back to the marina where I have several weeks of boat work and maybe some contracting work too. Then it’s off to Michigan for the summer.

Dinghy troubles


Never, never, NEVER buy a dinghy built in China for Big Dog Boats! Am I plain enough now?

While in the Bahamas, more things started to come unglued from the dinghy. The oar lock simple fell off one day (along with the ore)! The ore keepers also pealed off and the skid strip on the bottom has come loose in the front and the rear. But the worst was the large plastic part that joins the transom to the boat. It came unglued from the tube. It wasn’t bad enough that the entire transom came un-glued,,, NO,,, now the tubes are separating from the transom too. It’s a shame since the boat is just the right shape, size, and weight for our needs. I guess when a company builds something to a bottom price you get what you pay for…I did so, Beware!

Some of the parts that hus keep falling off.

The molded part that glues to the tube is comming off.

It's a good thiing that I bought a LARGE size tube of glue!

Parts glued back on.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Darn that Anna

I've been collecting pictures and writing about the last 3 weeks so that I could put it all on the blog when I got back, well, Anna has (for once) beet me to it. She just posted to the web page and has covered just about everything that I had planned to say!... I guess that if you snooze you loose.

So, instead, here are a few pictures that I liked (and she hasn't used). Hope that you like them.

Another boat took this shot just a dark. They then set the appature of their camera open.
Then they wrote "Snow Goose" on the dune with a lasar.
How Cool!
The sign on the door of the rum Cay store

sunk at the dock at Rum Cay

just one of many old, rusted junk on the island

A sun-downer get together on the Goose

This is the main road out to the new Airport... notice there's nothing around?

sign on a trail

I just like this shot

nice fish but see the plane in the back ground?

How long can you hold your breath while they take the picture?
I know that Anna used this one already but I love it. Eric (guy on the right) has been at Rum Cay for about a month (you can tell by his hair) and was nothing but a up-beat, happy, and friendly person. He hardly had 2 dimes to rub together yet he was the first to help out and give a happy "hello" in the morning. A great kid. I'm glad to have met him.

Yet another good sunset

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why haven't I posted???

The bahamas is a vortex for slow, costly or non-existance internet so, we have a lot of posts to put up and they will start to show up now that we are back in the states again. Stay tuned!

Can you believe it... someone spray painted our name on the dune!  (April 1, 2014)