Monday, March 13, 2017

Crystal River

After the cruise we thought that a trip up the west coast of Fl might be a good Idea. We have always wanted to see the Crystal River area because it has a large resident population of Manatees. It took us 30 hours of slow chuging up the coast on the outside to get there. Why the outside? Because the second bridge north of Charlotte Habor, the Tom Adams bridge, was broke and after sitting for a day waiting for it to be fixed we backtracked to Boca Gran Pass and turned north on the outside instead to go find manatees.

Mr. Manatee the mascot of Crystal River
The entrance to the Crystal river chanel is about 7 miles from the coast and then after you reach the coast you still have to go another 6 miles up the Crystal River to get to the town of Crystal River.

It's a long way jut to get to the coast and then up the river.
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 When we got there we anchored in a large cove and found it littered with manatees. Later in the day we dinghied up the creek to the main springs area. They have the actual springs roped off to keep all those “humans” away but the water is clear and you could see the big “sea cows” floating, swimming and sleeping in the spring area. Once in a while one would come out and swim amoung the humans. It was amazing to watch them and to swim with them.



LOTS of tourists in the water to view the manatees

The town is a bit on the run down side but they are making progress capitalising on the influx of tourists to see the manatees and so it is on the up swing. All in all, it was worth the time and effort to travel up here.





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