Monday, October 22, 2018

I know, it's been over a year since I posted anything to this blog.... I'm sorry. A lot has gone on since then, some good and some very bad.

The good: The Snow Goose was in the best shape it's ever been in this spring because we were planning to sail down to the Virgin Islands in the fall.
Thru Hell's Gate at 11+ kts over the ground

Mystic seaport with the grand kids
New paint job on the Goose

Running under spinnaker and Staysail up the Chesapeake bay

She sure was a pretty boat

The bad: The hurricane that blasted into the Carolinas knocked our boat over and it was severely damaged. The Ins Co. has totaled the Snow Goose and We are homeless this winter.
Rudder damage

just one of many underwater damages

one of many above water damages one dented the hull and broke the welds to the rib.

Aft rail damage

entire aft rail and davits smashed in

lifelines and stations destroyed

Talk about the up's and down's of life. Well, this year has been a pastel of good, bad and ugly oh, and of surprises! Our daughter is giving birth to the last grand child!!! Anna is heading down to Austin Tx. to be there for the birth. I am heading south to the Snow Goose to remove our personal items from the boat in preparation to turning it over to the Ins Co. for salvage.

Oh well, it's been a grand 20 years with so many memories that I could talk about our life on the boat for months and never run out of stories.



PS. OH!!! I just found another sailboat for sale on the net!!!! I think I will go take a look at it!


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